• Localization

    We can localize your product so that it can better fit into the marketing condition and culture in the Greater China Regions GCR

  • Consulting

    We have expertise in consultation over software system enhancement, customisation and update to better meet user requirements locally.

  • Channel

    We have over ten years of sales and marketing experience in routing hi-tech products via channel networks in the GCR regions. We have well developed channels in China South, East, North, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

About Boweb

The word BOW is inspired by the natural beauty of the Bow Valley River located in Calgary, Canada .   Bow Valley River is the symbol of Calgary and is originated from the famous rocky mountain range around the Banff and Jasper areas.  It surrounds the city of Calgary to make it one of the most dynamic and impressive cities of North America.  

WEB refers to World Wide Web representing the expected scale of the business just like the Bow Valley River long and winding ensuring the prosperity of the Company just like that of Calgary . 

Adding SZ to BOWEB indicates the Company's focus on doing business in China with Hong Kong as the Window and Shenzhen as the first step. Shenzhen is nearby Hong Kong and is becoming one of the new stars in Asia Pacific Regions.  It is very convenient to go to any Asia cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, directly from Shenzhen.  SZ is only 10 minutes away from Hong Kong, a world well known modern city.

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