We can localize your product so that it can better fit into the marketing condition and culture in the Greater China Regions GCR including HK, China and Taiwan. We can convert the marketing material such as catalogue, bourses, sales guide, and white papers from English to either simplify or traditional Chinese. We can update your marketing write up so that it is relevant to the situation here in the regions. We can also translate the help menu, web site, and any technical write up or diagrams into the local format and language to make sure that it meets the local taste and requirements. Besides, we can also help in applying sales certificate and related documents in China to fulfill the jurisdiction for selling in the country. We can also translate the sales contract, purchase agreements into the required language in the GCR regions.

We have expertise in consultation over software system enhancement, customisation and update to better meet user requirements locally. We are able to take user requests and put it into a detail systematic proposal so that your programmer can easily make the changes without much complication and can provide more accurate advice over the feasibility of such enhancement or customization from the system development point of view. We strongly believe that clearly communicate complicate ideas or meaning from end user to vendor in writing is very important in securing a potential sales deal.

We have over ten years of sales and marketing experience in routing hi-tech products via channel networks in the GCR regions. We have well developed channels in China South, East, North, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Such established pipeline ensures initial market awareness of a new product and make sure that a large scale of future product deployment is possible in the GCR regions. We also have a cluster of dedicated long term customers who are most blue chip stock listed in HK or China and to whom we can directly sell the product without much complications or delays.


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